First copyright renewals for periodicals

This is an inventory of periodicals and their first copyright renewals. Most periodicals published in the US prior to 1964 had to renew their issue copyrights after 28 years in order to retain copyright on the issue. (Contributions included within the issue could also have their own copyrights, which would not be affected by the renewal or non-renewal of ths issue's copyright.) For more information on copyright renewal requirements, see this page.

Below is a list of periodicials and their first copyright renewals, if any. The list below should include all of the more than 1000 periodicals that renewed between 1950 and 1977, and selected periodicals that renewed between 1978 and 1992, or that did not renew their copyrights. (After 1992, copyright renewal was no longer required.) This may be useful as a guide to people who are interested in digitizing certain periodicals, to point out serials for which further copyright research may be fruitful.

Some caveats to keep in mind:

This compilation was made by John Mark Ockerbloom, based on listings in the Catalog of Copyright Entries, published by the US Copyright Office.